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Audio Lounge is unique in the world of high fidelity audio system retailers. Apart from offering the world’s finest systems, we also design, craft and build many of the products ourselves.

Our skill lies in engineering your truly memorable entertainment moments, whether listening to your favourite artists, watching your favourite movies, spending intimate time with your family and friends or those precious, all-too-rare moments alone - we are dedicated to your pure listening pleasure.

Audio Lounge is the retail division of a specialist audio group owned by Ajay Shirke, who has led the design and manufacture of high-end audio equipment since 1995. The group includes British based Spendor Audio Systems, which grew out of expertise from the BBC’s sound engineering department in the 1960s, and Siltech and Crystal Cables from the Netherlands, known for their highly acclaimed Arabesque speakers and cutting-edge cable technology. If you can spare the time, we’ll take you to visit our factories to see our designers, engineers and craftsmen as they hand-build your speakers with your personally selected finishes.

Aware of the contradiction posed by multi-room systems which on one hand make electronic equipment visually disappear, but on the other hand severely compromise the quality of sound, we offer the true music lover a far superior audio solution, whilst maintaining the integrity of your interiors. We allow the discerning customer who enjoys the best of everything, to demand the same high quality in the way they listen to music.


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