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Pebble Records is an friendly independent record shop in Eastbourne on the South Coast of the UK. We stock Indie, Indiepop, Psych, Garage, Rock, Prog, Metal, Reggae, Dub, Ska, Soul, Funk, Disco, Jazz, Hip Hop, Folk, Americana, Blues, R&B, Rock ‘N’ Roll, World and Soundtracks on vinyl, cd, tape and flexi disc!. We also sell a selection of Pro-ject turntables, amps, speakers and headphones as well as record cleaners and everything you need to play, clean and store your vinyl and cds.

The shop started as a specialist website selling indie and indiepop and this is still our primary niche market stocking many titles exclusively in the UK but we love all music and the shop reflects our own wide taste and hopefully yours!

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The Basement,
14 Gildredge Road,
East Sussex,
BN21 4RL,

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