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Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Mindy Deutsch and I have been the Director of Deutsch@Deutsch LTD since its establishment in 2011. The company was first founded and directed by my father in law April who inspired the way to run the company with kindness fairness and care and also put humanity before business. A year later he gave the company over to myself and I am proud to continue directing the company that has been built on good moral foundations. His favorite quote is 'we are here to serve, so let the customers be our guide' !

Deutsch@Deutsch LTD is currently trading under the name of Joe-Audio and We have branded ourselves with my husbands name - Joe, since we want our business to serve on a personal level and really come across as a family business which we are. We are not just another commercial company that cares only about profit - we are a family run business that care for service too!

I have studied neither business administration or marketing, however music is my life and I've spent my life around music and love this industry. My mission is to enable all people to get the best out of their music and enjoy their life around music.

As a young child I was fortunate to get piano lessons which enhanced my enjoyment of music a lot. I remember being given invaluable advice for life: in order to get the best out of music - listen well, in the same way 'Always listen to others in order to learn and grow and become the best version of you' !


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