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Analogue October Records (Chichester), is “a thirty year old itch, I’m finally going to scratch!” according to its proprietor Craig Crane.

Working on some of the biggest films ever made, Craig’s new venture is what he describes as “The record shop Chichester deserves!’ Centrally located, visitors can browse over 3000 new releases and classic reissues on vinyl. The main drive behind the shop is music in its purest Analogue form. But the shop also plans to have a few surprises, including some awesome reel to reel machines and a healthy selection of new releases on Cassette tape.

We asked why the shop was called Analogue October records. According to Craig, the entire concept of Analogue October was due to his decision to abstain from all digital music (Apple, streaming etc) for a full month a few years ago. However, the experiment soon got out of hand and what was meant to be a 4 week trial to see how he would cope in the new modern Drag, drop & Paste society turned into something far grander. An ardent record collector and advocate for the humble compact cassette, Craig found that Analogue music wasn’t  just better for the ears, its an exercise in mindfulness that is the perfect antidote to the instant but shallow reward of streaming and Music on demand.

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19a South St,
West Sussex,
PO19 1EJ,
United Kingdom

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