The first HMV-branded store was opened by the Gramophone Company on London's Oxford Street in 1921, and the HMV name was also used for television and radio sets manufactured from the 1930s onwards. The retail side of the business began to expand in the 1960s, and in 1998 was divested from EMI, the successor to the Gramophone Company, to form what would become HMV Group.

Since then HMV has had a wild ride of ups and downs but has always remained true to its warm, enthusiastic and trendy pop-culture roots and aesthetics. Each and every store offer customers the chance to pick up treats and merch from various media formats around the world, as well as giving them the chance to broaden their musical interests. In recent years HMV has moved towards sharing their love for vinyl and real, involved sound, and so have partnered with us at Henley in select stores across the UK to bring ‘real sound’ to the masses!

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