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Ortofon Cadenza Blue, Hi-Fi News, Yearbook 2010

HiFi News, Yearbook 2010

Score: 'Outstanding Product'

Comments of Note:
"...this cartridge really seemed able to convey the endless subleties of shading and nuance..."
"...bass seemed very well descriped..."
" really was like a breath of fresh air."
"...the Cadenza's bass was particuarly impressive...too, the bass guitar alive and springy, clean and strong."
"...the brass was truly brassy, with excellent detail..."
"...clarity and precision made for a very enjoyable listen."
"The piano had precision and sublety..."
"It looks like Ortofon really has improved on its excellent Kontrapunkts."

Ortofon Cadenza Blue, Hi-Fi News, March 2010

Hi-Fi News, March 2010

Score: 'Outstanding Product'

Comments of Note:
"...the Cadenza Blue replaces the Kontrapunkt B, retaining that beautiful thin ruby cantilever."
"... voice had both depth and warmth, and great delicacy too...this cartridge really seemed able to convey the endless subtleties of shading and nuance..."
"...the subtle feathery edges of the sound adding to its realism."
"...the Cadenza Blue seemed suddenly to bring more ambience and space into the sound..."
"...the Cadenza's bass was particularly impressive...the bass guitar alive and springy, clean and strong."
"...the effect was dynamic and realistic, with great transient attack and a great sense of speed."
"...there was a great punch and clarity to the neatly interlocking guitar parts and you could only marvel at the tightness of the whole thing."
"...clean and quick bass..."
"The piano had precision and subtlety, and seemed to exist in real space."

Ortofon Cadenza Blue, Hi-Fi World, Aug 2009

Hi-Fi World, August 2009

Reviewed By: Noel Keywood
Score: 5/5 Globes

Comments of Note:
This Review was a combined review of both the Cadenza Blue and the Cadenza Bronze:
"...if you want to hear what vinyl can sound like and enjoy the magic of good analogue then this is the starting point..."
"Ortofon are able to make technically near-perfect cartridges, free of blemishes and limitations..."
"...combine beauty with accuracy, a combination that has me enthralled..."
"Both cartridges are, aurally, a fantastic experience."
"They are also supremely even and svelte:the sound stage stretches wide, instruments and singers have vivid life..."
"The Blue was challengingly fast and deeply detailed..."
"The initial impact is hair trigger-fast and the decay of the drum kept dry and controlled...torrent of fine detail...with a sweetness of tone of that only good analogue can manage, I was impressed as ever by this cartridge..."
"The Blue...had striking insight and a vividly fast and detailed delivery..."
"...the Bronze offers a richer and even more musically engaging experience."
"(the Bronze)...has the same beautifully formed bass of the Blue, that is both tight and powerful, a richer lower midband that seemingly knits bass to midrange..."
"I worked through old originals from the 1960s onwards, right up to new recordings and pressings...both cartridges were a great experience."
"Both these new Cadenza cartridges are a fantastic hi-fi experience."
"Yes, they are expensive but if you have the money their sound borders on magically beautiful."
You can read the full review here.