Cadenza Bronze

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Ortofon Cadenza Bronze, Hi-Fi World, Aug 2009

Hi-Fi World, August 2009

Reviewed By: Noel Keywood
Score: 5/5 Globes

Comments of Note:
This Review was a combined review of both the Cadenza Blue and the Cadenza Bronze:
"...if you want to hear what vinyl can sound like and enjoy the magic of good analogue then this is the starting point..."
"Ortofon are able to make technically near-perfect cartridges, free of blemishes and limitations..."
"...combine beauty with accuracy, a combination that has me enthralled..."
"Both cartridges are, aurally, a fantastic experience."
"They are also supremely even and svelte:the sound stage stretches wide, instruments and singers have vivid life..."
"The Blue was challengingly fast and deeply detailed..."
"The initial impact is hair trigger-fast and the decay of the drum kept dry and controlled...torrent of fine detail...with a sweetness of tone of that only good analogue can manage, I was impressed as ever by this cartridge..."
"The Blue...had striking insight and a vividly fast and detailed delivery..."
"...the Bronze offers a richer and even more musically engaging experience."
"(the Bronze)...has the same beautifully formed bass of the Blue, that is both tight and powerful, a richer lower midband that seemingly knits bass to midrange..."
"I worked through old originals from the 1960s onwards, right up to new recordings and pressings...both cartridges were a great experience."
"Both these new Cadenza cartridges are a fantastic hi-fi experience."
"Yes, they are expensive but if you have the money their sound borders on magically beautiful."
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