Cadenza Black

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Cadenza Black, Ortofon ST-80 SE, Unison Research Phono One, Hi-Fi Choice, March 2018

Hi-Fi Choice, March 2018

Comments of Note:
"The good news is that this system seems completely unfazed by what you throw at it."
"The speed and drive that this system musters is a source of constant joy."
"Where the appeal deepens is that the presentation itself is exceptionally natural and even handed regardless of what you choose to throw at it."

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Ortofon Cadenza Black, Hi-Fi World, April 2010

Hi-Fi World, April 2010

Reviewed By: Noel Keywood
Score: 5/5 Globes

Comments of Note:
"...the Black uses many moving parts of the A90..."
"Cantilever behaviour is controlled by Ortofon's wide range damping system, also used in the A90 and Cadenzas...this is responsible for the cartridge's peak-free treble. It set Ortofons apart from most rivals..."
"...making the track sound full bodied and authoritative."
" weighty and satisfyingly rhythmic..."
"...CDs never did sound right and the Cadenza Black shows just how much was on the LP in the first place, and how a cartridge of its ability shades CD."
"The Shibata stylus...In the Cadenza Black it shimmered with delicately wrought fine detail..."
"...ability to deliver some of the finest treble I have ever heard from LP."
"'s a cartridge of immense ability..."
"...the Black offered a beautifully smooth, svelte and expansive sound stage. It has generous stage depth and always sounds relaxed and in control of proceedings."
"If you are looking for an ultimately smooth and sophisticated sonic delivery from LP, Ortofon's new Cadenza Black is as good as it gets at what is a 'reasonable' price..."
"...the Black is a lovely cartridge..."