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Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB, Hi-Fi Choice, July 2020

Hi-Fi Choice, July 2020

Comments of Note:
"Attractive and appealing turntable offering fine, fuss-free performance at a great price point"

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Pro-Ject T1, AV Forums, May 2020

AV Forums, May 2020

Best Buy Award

Comments of Note:
"What this manifests itself into is a turntable that you can listen to and make no excuses for"


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Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB, HiFi Pig, November 2019

HiFi Pig, June 2019

Reviewed By: Paul Hoskin
Rating: Highly Recommended

Comments of Note:
"It's a fantastic purchase for either a first-time turntable or an upgrade at an affordable price."

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Pro-Ject Audio Systems T1, What Hi-Fi?, July 2019

What Hi-Fi?, July 2019

Sound: 4 Stars
Compatibility: 5 Stars
Build: 5 Stars
Score: 4 Stars

Comments of Note:
“There’s plenty to admire about the Pro-Ject T1, including a healthy dollop of bass..."

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Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB, Editors Choice Award, AV Forums 2020

AV Forums, Novem,ber 2020

Editors Choice Award - Best Turntable Under £1,000

Comments of Note:
"...this is an absolutely barnstorming choice and is a demonstration of Pro-Ject effortlessly upping its game in response to the competition"


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Pro-Ject T1 EISA 2020

EISA Awards, 2020


Comments of Note:

Pro-Ject has been making turntables for almost three decades, starting with the original Pro-Ject 1 and, along with the later Debut models, it more or less reinvented the budget turntable market. The T1 is the latest version of that design – a budget audiophile record-playing package with excellent sound for the money. The company also offers versions including a built-in phono stage and Bluetooth transmitter! With its machined plinth, high precision bearing, glass platter and newly-designed one-piece aluminium tonearm, it offers a wonderfully weighty and detailed sound – and even the Ortofon OM 5E MM cartridge is pre-installed, making it completely plug-and-play. We‘re glad to see the enthusiasm for vinyl spread. Today many companies are trying to get a foothold in turntable business. We wish all those who contribute great systems for all of us luck on the journey – and let‘s hope those who are in the game for the wrong reasons (to make a quick buck) will disappear soon for good. By supplying the growing community of vinyl lovers with dependable, affordable, high-quality turntables we were not only able to keep the dwindling vinyl market alive but even rekindle the production of records. That‘s great news for newbies and veterans alike.