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ProJect X1, Sound Matters, May 2020

Sound Matters, May 2020

Comments of Note:

"The sound is natural and dynamic, and the design is beautiful in its minimalism."

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Pro-Ject X1, StereoNet, January 2020

StereoNet, January 2020

Comments of Note:
“the deck’s combination of sound quality, flexibility and ease of set-up and use is hard to beat."

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Pro-Ject X1, Hi-Fi World, November 2019

Hi-Fi World, November 2019

Score: 4/5 Globes 
  EXCELLENT - Extremely capable 

Comments of Note:

""Pro-Ject’s X1 turntable package was a mixed bag. The plinth, platter and motor drive were superb. The fitted arm less impressive. The cartridge has an upfront presentation that is not vinyl-like but may appeal to those who want a sound close to that of CD."

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Pro-Ject Audio Systems X1, Hi-Fi Choice, August 2019

Hi-Fi Choice, August 2019

Sound Quality: 4.5 stars
Value for Money: 5 stars
Build Quality: 4.5 stars
Features: 4 stars
Overall: 4.5 Stars

Comments of Note:
"A simple but rewardingly complete and talented turntable"

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Pro-Ject Audio Systems X1, Hi-Fi News, July 2019

Hi-Fi News, July 2019

Reviewed By: David Price
Labs By: Paul Miller
Sound Quality: 86%

Comments of Note:
"‘More than just a worthy successor to the original, it’s an accomplished design in its own right."

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Pro-Ject Audio Systems X1, Hi-Fi Choice, July 2019

Hi-Fi Choice, June 2019

Sound Quality: 5 stars
Value for Money: 5 stars
Build Quality: 5 stars
Features: 5 stars
Overall: 5 Stars

Comments of Note:
"The X1 is very much the master, rather than struggling to keep up the paces."

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Pro-Ject X1, AV Tech Media, December 2019

AV Tech Media Awards, 2019/20

Best Value Turntable

Comments of Note:
FURTHER ADVANCING PRO-JECT Audio Systems’ turntable range, the X1 pays homage to its debut model from 1991. It employs a plinth made from a low-resonance MDF material partnered with a 1.5kg acrylic platter and AC synchronous motor with three-speed control. The deck is packaged with the company’s Pick-IT S2 MM cartridge – developed with Ortofon – and fitted to one of its 8.6in carbon/aluminium tonearms. The X1 recreates a sound that’s wide in scale and
surprisingly deep too, lending most music on vinyl a really immersive feel. More than just a worthy successor to the original, the X1 is a highly accomplished design in its own right.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems X1, EISA, 2019

EISA Awards, 2019


Comments of Note:
The Pro-Ject name is synonymous with value-for-money turntables built in Europe. Since 1991 the company has arguably been leading the vinyl revival, and the X1 is its latest reinvention of the classic Pro-Ject 1 deck that started it all. Look beyond the gloss finish, using eight layers of paint and several rounds of hand-polishing – yes, on an affordable turntable – and you’ll find just about every aspect of the design has been improved, from the MDF plinth to the platter, the motor suspension and speed control, and the carbon/aluminium sandwich tonearm. Even the pre-fitted cartridge is new, being made by Ortofon and tuned by Pro-Ject. This is surely the best sub-€1000 turntable package on the market.