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Box Design CD Box S/E, Hi-Fi Choice, June 2010

Hi-Fi Choice, June 2010

Reviewed By: Richard Black
Score: 4/5 Stars, Recommended

Comments of Note:
(This review featured the Pro-Ject Pre-Box S/E and the Pro-Ject Amp Box S/E,as well as the Pro-Ject CD Box S/E)
"...the CD player...and the Pre Box have nice clear informative displays."
"Internal assembly is very good, not to say ingenious..."
"...neat and efficient and free of nasty-looking bodges."
"...lovely way of presenting all the detail in a recording unfussily but very neatly, making it easy to pinpoint instruments and voices."
"...very good integration..."
"...midrange and treble seem very even-handed. Energy and rhythm are good too..."