Speaker Box 5

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Pro-Ject MaiA & Speaker Box 5, TNT, March 2016

TNT Audio, March 2016

Reviewed By: Graeme Budd

Comments of Note:


"...it let the music flow without any obvious obstruction or added artefacts allowing the improved resolution of both sources to be clearly heard. I tried Prince's Lotus Flower out on vinyl and came away extremly [sic] impressed. Imaging was really good with instruments clearly delineated in space and obvious forward and rear placement. There was also some pleasant texture to the instruments particularly the analogue nature of the electric piano and the way it breaks up."
"the MaiA didn't suffer on the very dynamic drum track keeping control of proceedings and producing a lively, snappy sound through the Speaker Box 5s. This is no mean feat for such a small box and driver combination."
"As the MaiA amp is equipped with a Bluetooth Antenna I paired it up with my old faithful Iphone 4. Here I was really surprised as generally streaming isn't my cup of tea. I fired up the McIntosh Music stream and happily spent the afternoon with some 60s thru 00s classics without feeling the need to faf around with big or small discs."
"A quick adjustment to the BluRay sound format (PCM is required) and opening sequence of Star Wars IV was sounding very good with the orchestra clearly spread in front and the Star Destroyer rumbling in from the right."

Speaker Box 5

"Imaging is a very strong point on these speakers with very tangible soundstages and what they may lack in scale they make up for in precision. Presentation is intimate rather than grandiose but as I alluded to above when presented with some dance music they are far from letting the side down and get down and boogie."

"I ran this system for over four months during which time I didn't feel the urge to switch on my beloved valve amp or plug in any larger speakers."
"To sum up - it's compact, sounds excellent, looks good, is easy to use and is well priced to boot. If you're looking for your own HiFi for beginners or something to recommend to a friend who is about to dip their toe into the bathwater that is the world of hifi, a trip to your local Pro-Ject dealer may well be a very good place to start."

Box Design Speaker Box 5, Hi-Fi Critic, Dec 2010

Hi-Fi Critic, October-December 2010

Reviewed By: Paul Messenger
Feature: Group Test
Score: 'Recommended Product'

Comments of Note:
"Music simply leapt out of this little speaker...well timed and upbeat bass lines...sounds nicely tuneful...lively dynamics..."
"Vocals are articulate and...delivers good expression, decent low level detail, good transparency and reasonable image depth...net result...seriously embarrasses the other review models in this group."
"A clear winner in this group test...amazed our listeners with its exuberant musical integrity."
"...bass is fast, lean and free of boom...midrange is detailed articulate and revealing."
"...great value for money too."