M6x Vinyl

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Musical Fidelity, M6x Vinyl, StereoNET June 2021

StereoNET, June 2021

Comments of Note:
“Overall, this is an excellent phono stage for the money and treads a path between high-end sound, versatility and user convenience."

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Musical Fidelity M6x Vinyl, Hi-Fi Choice, April 2021

Hi-Fi Choice, April 2021


Verdict: 5/5

Comments of Note:
"I don’t know of other products anywhere near its price that do so much so well. It’s not the best phono stage that money can buy of course, but it sure is cracking value."


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Musical Fidelity M6x Vinyl, Audio Appraisal, March 2021

Audio Appraisal, March 2021

Comments of Note:

"The M6x vinyl is yet another exceptional product from Musical Fidelity. Beautifully designed and executed with a performance that under other brands would be considered superlative at well over 10 times the price. To me, musical fidelity embodies the true spirit of what high-end audio should be, and what it so often is not. Their products are well designed, well-executed and sold at a price that is reasonable given the components and technology inside."

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