2M Black LVB 250 Stylus

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Ortofon 2M Black LVB 250, Hi-Fi News, May 2021

Hi-Fi News, May 2021 

Reviewed By: Ken Kessler
Labs By: Paul Miller
Sound Quality: 85%

Comments of Note:
"This is a silky, sophisticated cartridge which – to my ears – favours classical, much jazz and acoustic, rather than the sizzle-and-snap of pop or rock."

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Ortofon 2M Black LVB 250, Hi-Fi World, April 2021

Hi-Fi World, April 2021

Score: 5/5 Globes 

OUTSTANDING -amongst the best

Comments of Note:

"Deep insight and precision sound. A top moving magnet cartridge."

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Ortofon 2M Black LVB 250 Eisa 2021

EISA Awards, 2021


Comments of Note:

"A silky, sophisticated presentation especially well-suited to classical, jazz and acoustic music."


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