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Hi-Fi Rose RS150, Hi-Fi Choice, June 2021

Hi-Fi Choice, June, 2021


Verdict: 5/5

Comments of Note:
"So much more than just a beautifully designed component showing others the way to go, the RS150 back ups the stunning aesthetics with a performance to match."

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Hi-Fi Rose RS150, HiFi News, May 2021

Hi-Fi News, May 2021 

Reviewed By: Andrew Everard
Labs By: Paul Miller
Sound Quality: 84%

Comments of Note:
"This is an accomplished player/ DAC, and its slight softness – very content-dependent – is easily overlooked given the richness and levels of detail on offer. This is a decidedly impressive debut for the Korean brand."

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HiFi Rose RS150 Eisa 2021

EISA Awards, 2021


Comments of Note:

"This is an accomplished – and extremely flexible – player/DAC that will play everything from Bluetooth streams to hi-res content, and you can even install SSD storage to make it a complete library and player in one unit."


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