RS201 E

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HiFi Rose RS201 E, Hi-Fi News March 2022

Hi-Fi News, March 2022 

Reviewed By: Andrew Everard
Labs By: Paul Miller
Sound Quality: 84%

Comments of Note:
" fine-sounding as it is as flexible and enjoyable to use."

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Hi-Fi Rose RS201 E, Hi-Fi Choice, August 2021

Hi-Fi Choice, August, 2021


Verdict: 4.5/5

Comments of Note:
"This still might not be the most recognisable brand name currently in this category, but the virtues of this innovative little box are considerable and it deserves to be on any shortlist at the price"


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Hi-Fi Rose RS201 E, Home Cinema Choice, July 2021

Home Cinema Choice, July 2021

Comments of Note:

"A novel but rather impressive take on a ‘just add speakers’ system, combining a slick interface, useful features and sparkling performance"

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AV Forums Awards 2021

AV Forums Award, December 2021

Score: Best Newcomer in Hi-Fi

Comments of Note:

"What’s most important about HiFi Rose though is that none of the cleverness of the design as a whole affects the audiophile credentials of the product"

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