Measure-IT S2

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Pro-Ject Measure-It 2, Audio Appraisal, Online Review

Audio Appraisal, Online Review

Comments of Note:
"The scale itself feels extremely robust and solid"
"The results are excellent. The Measure-It is extremely accurate and response times are super fast. In fact, the Measure-It proved far more accurate than my previous unbranded scale – confirming that 1 particular tonearm which had recently been adjusted using that scale was, in fact, tracking at almost 0.5 Grams below the cartridges recommended tracking weight."
"the Measure-It 2 is an essential tool for any turntable owner."
"It’s built like a miniature tank"
"I bought the review sample – so needless to say, highly recommended."

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Pro-Ject Measure-It 2, Hi-Fi World, December 2014

Hi-Fi World, December 2014

Reviewed By: Tony Bolton
Feature: Soundbites

Comments of Note:
“In use I found it was consistent in the readings that it displayed when I repeatedly lowered the pickup down”
“I am impressed with the Measure It 2. It is very well presented, solidly made and the touch sensitive screen seemed to be responsive but not over sensitive”
“It is certainly something that I would be very pleased to find in my Christmas stocking!”