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Ortofon Xpression, Hi-Fi World, July 2012

Hi-Fi World, July 2012

Reviewed By: Adam Smith
Score: 5/5 Globes

Comments of Note:
"In terms of design, though, the mounting method is all that the Xpression shares with the SPU as the technology contained within its sleek body is most definitely bang up to date..."
"In some ways it is a little disheartening to hear that cartridge that you know and love suddenly sounding... well... a bit rough and ready, but that is exactly what the Xpression did to my Kontrapunkt."
"Its well-developed stylus is simply one of the finest trackers I have come across and, provided records are in good basic condition and decently clean, it offers a purity, delicacy and treble sweetness that I don't think I have heard from any cartridge before."
"Once again, Ortofon have not endowed the Xpression with any artifice or peculiarly boosted frequency response and the result is a cartridge that simply tells it like it is across the frequency range, but somehow seems to just do it more effortlessly than ever before."