S/E Upgrade Kit

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Pro-Ject S/E Upgrade, Apple Chap, Jul 2011

The Apple Chap, July 2011

Reviewed by: Alan Morris

Comments of Note:
"The “S/E upgrade kit” (£25.00 from Henley Designs) is a straightforward solution for fixing the problem, being perfectly doable by anyone able to wield a screwdriver."
"I waited with baited breath as the tonearm lowered onto the "blank" track of my “HiFi News Analogue Test LP”, I admit that I was a little worried that what I would hear would not be up to the task... So ..... silence ..... absolutely nothing! So I tried turning it up, right up to 100%, a level that would previously have had the 'speakers going apoplectic. Just the hiss of the phono amp"
"Measured against the default sound of the turntable and that of my fix, the new system produces a sound that is practically unmeasurable against the sound of the amp and the room. Certainly nothing that could be audible whilst playing a record."
"So, WELL DONE to the team that came up with the fix and even more so for making it available and affordable to existing users."
"Running through my test records clearly highlighted that there is also a noticeable improvement in sound; particularly in the bass region. It seems lower, tighter and more controlled than before."

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