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Box Design Stream Box DS, Hi-Fi World, April 2012

Hi-Fi World, April 2012

Reviewed By: Adam Smith
Score: 4/5 Globes

Comments of Note:
"Setup of the Stream Box DS is quite painless... The Stream Box DS leapt onto my network with almost childish enthusiasm and found my media server without any difficulty..."
"Starting off with radio and the internet stream of KEXP 90.3 from Seattle, the Stream Box DS sounded neat and tidy enough."
When playing 24/192 files from a NAS drive and via USB: "Generally speaking, both of these were much better, with the unit offering an excellent sense of purity and air to the top end that is usually missing in CDs. By comparison, the CD copy sounded rather clanky and mechanical..."
"With some soft vocal jazz or smooth instrumental music, the Pro-Ject is a joy to listen to, washing the performance over you like bubbles in a hot bath."
"At the low end, the Pro-Ject was solid and, once again, nicely detailed."
"The Pro-Ject Stream Box DS is a versatile digital streaming solution that comes in the sort of typically enticing package that we have come to expect from Pro-Ject. The design is neat, it is easy to use and get running and the user interface is trouble-free."

Box Design Stream Box, Hi-Fi News, Jan 2012

Hi-Fi News, January 2012

Reviewed by: Ed Selley

Comments of Note:
"...the full colour TFT screen, which is something not present on similarly priced competitive products. This is both legible at a reasonable distance and is able to display album art."
"The Pro-Ject supports the majority of available audio formats and, crucially, supports FLAC and LPCM streaming up to 24-bit/192kHz. This makes it one of the cheapest units to do so and hopefully lends it a degree of future proofing."
"The front panel USB connection is also capable of music playback from an Apple device up to and including ALAC files."
"Using Twonky media server on a Windows laptop, set-up proved to be quick and painless."
"The Stream Box found content quickly and effectively and would start playback of selected material within a second or two of selecting it."
"...[The Stream Box DS] is extremely forgiving of poorer recordings and manages to stay listenable with material down to and including 160 kbps AAC files."
"...the Pro-Ject sounded entirely competent with material in bitrates up to and including ALAC material [when an iPod was connected]."

Box Design Stream Box DS, Audio, Nov 2011

Audio, November 2011

Reviewed By: Bernhard Rietschel
Score: Sound = 103
  Price/Quality = Outstanding

Comments of Note:
(This review was written for the German magazine, Audio, the text below has been translated by Pro-Ject Audio)
"Because of the 'Gapless' and 'HD Audio' functionality, this player handles each and every album in all possible resolutions in a convincing manner."
"No doubt, this DAC-chip never sounded better than inside the Stream Box DS."
Positives: "Subtle, balanced and 'analogue' sound.