TA-210 Tonearm

Image of Ortofon Hi-Fi


Ortofon TA210, Hi-Fi World, December 2012

Hi-Fi World, December 2012

Reviewed By: Rafael Todes
Score: 5/5 Globes

Comments of Note:
This review was of an Inspire Hi-Fi modified Linn LP12 turntable. The Ortofon TA-210 was used to demonstrate how good Inspire's new 12" arm modification for the classic turntable is. The review also features the Ortofon Xpression cartridge.
"The midrange seems to have gained a smoothness and liquidity from what I remember of the old LP12, the 12 inch Ortofon coming into its own."
"The deck and combination has an attractive quality of making the midrange of the orchestra colours seem more intense and concentrated, as if you were listening in Technicolor!"
The TA-210 has "an unusually clean vibrational spectrum."
"So although the TA-210 is a long and conventional looking arm under measurement it performs very well."