Tube Box S

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Pro-Ject Tube Box S, Hi-Fi Choice, February 2016

Hi-Fi Choice, February 2016

Feature: 'Group Test: Phono Stages - £180 - £395'
Sound Quality: 4 Stars
Value For Money: 4 Stars
Build Quality: 4 Stars
Features: 4.5 Stars
Overall Score: 4 Stars

Comments of Note:
“The Tube Box S feels well assembled for the asking price.”
“With vinyl playing, this is a likeable phono stage that does a great deal right.”
“…that tremendous bass response really lends it an air of menace that is very enjoyable.”
“The top end is smooth and free from any stridency and the soundstage is also entirely convincing.”
“There is a huge amount to like about the way that the Tube Box S goes about making music and it is impressively flexible while it does so.”
“LIKE: Powerful and expansive sound; good build; excellent spec”
"The performance of the Tube Box S is fairly consistent across both types of cartridges with a smooth and refined top end and the same impressively deep and controlled bass."