2M Mono

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Ortofon 2M Mono, Hi-Fi World, Aug 2013

Hi-Fi World, August 2013

Reviewed By: Tony Bolton
Rating: 5/5 Globes

Comments of Note:
“I was particularly impressed with the levels of detail and texture...”
“Sustained notes decayed away in a graceful display of harmonics”
“The 2M mono felt quite direct, with a solidity to the heavier struck notes that reflected their impact. Softer sounds were floated towards me, leaving me impressed with this cartridge’s ability to swing from soft to loud and back again without fuss.”
“The bold presentation of a Moving Magnet cartridge suited this style of music (Referring to Jazz music), and combined with the excellent manner of the 2M series, made for very enjoyable listening.”
“I was also impressed with the way this cartridge made a 59 year old piece of vinyl, that is in good, but used condition, sound fresh and in far better condition than a visual inspection would suggest.”
“I found this cartridge to be a very well thought out design, that complements the sonic presentation of the conventional 2M series with an ability to play older and sometimes more worn records, in an exemplary manner.”
“The soundstage was wide and deep, inviting me to listen in to it, and the overall presentation of the music seemed balanced, detailed and rhythmically accurate.”
“As an affordable solution to optimised monophonic replay I would regard this cartridge as excellent in both performance and value for money.”