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Ortofon MC Anna, Absolute Sound, June 2013

Absolute Sound, June 2013

Reviewed by: Jonathan Valin

Comments of Note:
“the Anna is unprecedentedly more beautiful- sounding than past Ortofons, with a considerably fuller, more extended, and more dynamic bass range and a richer, lovelier, more fully fleshed-out lower midrange than the A90, as well as a smoother, more natural upper midrange and more extended treble. Not for nothing was this cartridge named after Ms. Netrebko, whose fleet, powerful, gorgeously full-bodied voice it aptly calls to mind.”
“this is still an extraordinarily fast, clear, ultra- high-resolution transducer with superb imaging and excellent soundstage width, depth, and height.”
“The Anna sounds more lifelike with lifelike sources because it is, in fact, sonically more complete.”
“Like the best speakers and electronics, the Anna is also exceptionally good at preserving the lifelike timing of notes.”
“Everything unfolds at a natural pace— which along with the cartridge’s pinpoint imaging, sensational resolution of low-level detail, and excellent reproduction of soundstage ambience and dimensionality—makes for more of those moments when recorded things sounds so much like the real ones that your heart skips a beat.”
“It still has the kind of neutrality and resolution that transparency-first listeners crave; on first-rate sources it sounds as fool-ya realistic as any absolute sound listener could possibly hope for; and with its newfound density of color and dynamic clout, it is beautiful and exciting enough to delight the “as you like it” crowd.”
“Naturally, the Ortofon MC Anna receives my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation. It is a reference-grade cartridge that significantly improves upon the reference-grade cartridge (the A90) that preceded it. In fact, I think the Anna is the most natural-sounding cartridge the venerable Danish company has made in a century of doing business!”

Ortofon MC Anna, Hi-Fi World, November 2012

Hi-Fi World, November 2012

Reviewed By: Tony Bolton
Score: 5/5 Globes

Comments of Note:
"For once I found little difference between the sound of the cartridge when brand new and after 25 hours of use. Even fresh out of the box there was none of the 'new-needle rattyness' that can make running in a cartridge a bit of a chore."
"Throughout the opera [Wagner's 'Tristan Und Isolde'] I was impressed with the quite self effacing way that the Anna seemed to work. I found it very easy to forget to listen to the system and analyse the sound, and instead, to find my focus had moved on to an appreciation of the transmission of those subtleties of emotion, that separate the very good from truly first class audio equipment."
"Space within the soundstage was ably demonstrated during 'Dorset Perception', the opening track of Shpongle's second LP, 'Tales of the Inexpressible'."
"Again I found myself immersed in little micro-details of musical information presented in a very smooth and well mannered way, that built a sonic picture in my mind."
"This is a very difficult cartridge to fault. Its behaviour had the smooth sophistication that would pass muster at the ambassador's ball pictured in the well known Ferrero Roche adverts, yet it still managed to make Joplin's gravely tones sound both realistic and unpolished."
"In short, it is excellent. If you can afford it, then buy one. If you can't afford it then start saving now!"

Ortofon MC Anna, Hi-Fi News, September 2012

Hi-Fi News, September 2012

Reviewed By: James Hughes
Lab Report Paul Miller
Score: 89% Sound Quality, 'Editors Choice'

Comments of Note:
"As befits a cartridge named after one of the world's finest opera singers, Ortofon's Anna is perfectly suited to the reproduction of classical music and acoustic jazz. It offers a very smooth, natural and unexaggerated presentation."
"All the various 'additives' seem to have been spirited away, leaving you with a pure, clean and uncoloured sound."
"As you listen, the music unfolds with uncommon grace and clarity. Altogether it's a beautifully refined and very relaxed presentation."
"It tracks well too: highly modulated LPs are negotiated with a relaxed ease that borders on insouciance and the music is reproduced with a lack of strain that's a joy."
"Stereo separation was wide, and soundstaging was holographic." (with Lizard by King Crimson)
"Indeed, when a cartridge of the Anna's calibre is partnered well, you seem able to play almost any old piece of vinyl and have it sound great. Amazing!"


Ortofon MC Anna, Hi-Fi World, Jan 2013

Hi-Fi World Awards, 2012

Best Cartridge

Comments of Note:
"This is Ortofon's top cartridge, a current summary of their long experience and dedication to the art of designing exquisite moving coil cartridges, recognised worldwide."
The soundstage "was almost holographic, requiring little effort to picture the performers as physical entities."
"This cartridge 'has the elegant poise of a well bred lady' and is an unquestionable prize winner."