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Pro-Ject Xtension 10, Absolute Sound, March 2014

Absolute Sound, March 2014

Reviewed By: Wayne Garcia

Comments of Note:
“Regardless of the cartridge used, the one thing I will report about the Xtension 10 is that it consistently provides not only a high level of musical satisfaction, but does so in a way that delivers a powerful emotional wallop.”
“On one of the most personal— and famous—breakup songs of all time, “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,” the Xtension 10 brought out the heartbreaking beauty of a song that, for most people, usually has a much more upbeat pop vibe.”
“Like I said, I’ve heard this cut dozens of times, but never quite like this before. It’s as if the Xtension 10 somehow bored a hole directly into Stills’ nervous system. That’s how intense, almost draining, an experience it was. On a sonic level this ’table also showcased Stills’ remarkable gifts as guitarist—his amazing rhythmic and dynamic shifts, great use of the instrument’s colors and textures—in a way that makes it another actor in the drama.”
[Athena reissue of Decca’s Petrushkawith Ansermet and his L’Orchestre de la Suisse Romande] – “the Xtension showed its ability to get to the heart of the music—this was riveting. Revealing great textural detail is clearly one of this design’s strengths and this Petrushka— with its ringing cymbals, growling cellos and basses, snare-drum rolls, piercing trumpet, and booming bass drum—provides ample opportunities.”
Dynamically, the Xtension 10 figuratively blew the walls down as I had the volume up higher than I realized during a quiet passage, only to jump for the volume knob when that big bass drum took a thwack. And, yes, one really feels the hall’s great cushions of air and the fine front-to-back depth on this recording.
“I could tell you about the beauty of Miles’ E.S.P. as reissued by IMPEX, or listening to Joni Mitchell’s breathtaking soprano on Ladies of the Canyon, or rocking out with Humble Pie at the Fillmore, or swooning to Ella’s Gershwin. But I’d only be repeating myself. Because what I really want to say, as I wrap up, is that I honestly didn’t expect to be as knocked over as I am by Pro-Ject’s Xtension 10.”
“Pro-Ject is onto something wonderful here: a model that hits all the right sonic notes, while bringing an intellectual and emotional connection to the music that is rare in my experience.”
Pro-Ject Xtension 10, Hi-Fi Plus, Issue 103

Hi-Fi Plus, Issue 103

Reviewed by: Alan Sircom

Comments of Note:
“Pro-Ject decks like the Xtension 10 Evolution don’t do the whole fiddly obsessive-compulsive audiophile bit. Instead, ‘build it, plug it, play it, love it’ is the order of the day!”
“This is a deck with excellent overall performance, starting from a powerful and well controlled bass. Bass lines are precise and deep, and even the machine-gun bass playing of someone like John Entwistle on Who’s Next is free from too much overhang and imprecision.”
“Good imagery, fine dynamics, excellent resolution... the works.”
“Strongly recommended.”
Pro-Ject Xtension 10, Hi-Fi News Yearbook 2012

Hi-Fi News, Yearbook 2012

Score: 'Highly Commended'

Comments of Note:
"That gorgeous lacquered plinth and luxurious hinged cover make this every traditionalist's idea of what a turntable ought to be - and it even plays 78s. With its super-heavy platter, the Xtension 10 is a true high-mass design that delivers the sonic virtues of the genre."

Pro-Ject Xtension 10, Hi-Fi News, August 2012

Hi-Fi News, August 2012

Reviewed By: Steve Harris / Paul Miller
Score: 'Highly Commended'

Comments of Note:
"Beauty is more than skin deep with the Xtension 10's wood plinth. If you look underneath (not so easy to do once the platter is installed) you'll see that the beautiful lacquer finish is continued all the way."
"As usual with Pro-Ject, there are clear instructions aimed at the newcomer, and cartridge installation is as painless as it can ever be."
"The Xtension 10 really did portray that space around the piano which I'd always prized, giving the feeling of a big, airy room with the sun streaming in. And almost the first thought that entered my head was that this turntable dispensed a feeling of 'calm'."
[with Livia Rev, Piano Music Volume III, Saga 5482]
"Anyway, with the Xtension 10 and Ortofon [Cadenza Red] in charge, the music shone through."
"That gorgeous lacquered plinth and luxurious hinged cover make this every traditionalist's idea of what a turntable ought to be - and it even plays 78s."
"With its current UK pricing, it's a great buy."