Hear IT One

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Pro-Ject Hear-IT 1, Head-Fi, August 2015

Head-Fi, August 2015

Comments of Note:
“The headband is covered in leather and the ear pads are made out of wonderful memory foam, which ensures a very comfortable seating.”
“...with the soft ear pads these have been the most comfortable on ears I have ever worn. I can easily wear them for longer listening sessions without them getting warm or uncomfortable.”
“The Hear it One does a good job isolating”
"The highs are sharp and well defined...mids are very well balanced and smooth... Bass is strong and very present ...Overall the sound can be described as warm, with a hint to higher frequencies, precise, clean and detailed.”
“I really enjoyed listening to Dave Brubeck's Time Out in DSD quality. The trumpets and bass sounded really natural and amazing.”
“Pro-Ject made a great sounding, budget friendly and comfortable over ear headphone. This is a headphone with huge price performance ratio and value.”