FS 104 Signature

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Custom Design FS104 Signature, Tech Radar, April 2011

Tech Radar, April 2011

Reviewed By: Richard Black
Score: 4/5 Stars

Comments of Note:
“The basic idea behind the Custom Designs FS104 Signature is pretty much the same as for all metal stands, but Custom Design has managed, with typical ingenuity, to find a new take on this by choosing both the pillar sizes and the exact design of the top and base plates.”
“Of the five pillars, the central one does most of the supporting work and its 75mm diameter is judged sufficient by many manufacturers to function unaided in many speaker stands.
In this case, however, it is assisted by the four 25mm 'satellite' pillars, very smart in the brushed chrome of our review sample, which add both bending and torsional rigidity to the assembly.”
“This stand is a great choice for its combination of solid bass and neutral, uncoloured midrange.”
“It really gets good results out of speakers, small and large, and excels in encouraging fine detail and precise imaging.”


Custom Design FS104, What Hi-Fi?, Awards 2013

What Hi-Fi? Awards, 2013

Best Speaker Stands

Comments of Note:
“This is the third consecutive year that the elegant FS104s have won this Award - we can't find anything else that allows our kit to perform with such control and precision."

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Custom Design FS104 Signature, What Hi-Fi?, Award 2012

What Hi-Fi? Awards 2012

Best Speaker Stands

"If you’re after stylish, reasonably priced stands that make the most of your speakers, you need look no further."

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