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Beautiful System, Hi-Fi Choice, January 2015

Hi-Fi Choice, January 2015

Reviewed by: Ed Selley
Feature: Beautiful System – Pro-Ject
Components: Pro-Ject Xtension 9 Super Pack
Pro-Ject Phono Box RS
Pro-Ject Pre Box RS
Pro-Ject Amp Box RS
Pro-Ject Power Box RS Amp

Comments of Note:
"Pro-Ject Phono Box RS - A genuine fully balanced phono stage with endless load and gain options adjustable tone curves and exceptional sound for under a grand, the Phono Box RS is an established favourite.
“The Xtension is a clever piece of industrial design that looks every inch the asking price and takes style to new places, though it remains unmistakably Pro-Ject.”
“The Phono Box RS supports moving magnet and moving coil cartridges with multiple gain and loading settings – good, but far from unusual in terms of phono stage specification. It then goes on to add balanced inputs and outputs and the choice of standard RIAA and non-standard Decca equalisation curves. There are phono stages at 10 times the cost that can’t match that.”
“The construction is a pleasing combination of immensely solid overall build that is then finished with some lovely and extremely high quality flourishes like the elegant speaker terminals and flawless piano lacquer that complements the equally wonderful job done by Pro-Ject on the Xtension.”
Xtension 9 – “the big white Pro-Ject is an impressively neutral platform”
“the Xtension is an utterly stable, silent and exactingly competent method of digging every last shred of detail off a record.”
“If these two former upstart brands (Pro-Ject & Acoustic Energy) have made the transition to become the new establishment, the next set of challengers are going to have to be truly sensational to repeat the feat. Welcome to the new order.”

Pro-Ject Pre Box/Amp Box RS, Hi-Fi Choice, March 2013

Hi-Fi Choice, March 2013

Reviewed By: Ed Selley
Score: 4.5/5 Stars

Comment of Note:
[Tested as a pair, Amp Box RS & Pre Box RS]
"First impressions are very positive."
"This is a lively and energetic duo that generally imparts a welcome sense of life to most music that they are asked to play."
"The Pro-Jects are able to generate an impressively visceral low end when asked to so that with appropriately burly speakers is felt as much as heard. This considerable low end grunt is in turn possessed of impressive agility and speed which gives the Pro-Ject's a liveliness that is hard not to like."
"The rest of the frequency response is accomplished too."
"If you're seeking a seriously big sound then pairing it to efficient floor standers such as Q Acoustics' excellent 2050is should do the trick, and will generate levels loud enough to lift the roof even with this modestly powered duo."
"The experiment did show that the Pre really is a very neutral bit of kit. This is a Preamp that puts almost nothing of itself into the overall performance and represents one of the least expensive examples of a usably [sic] transparent preamplifier that i have encountered."
"As a pairing, they have enough deviation from absolute neutrality to entertain, but without tipping over into becoming willfully inaccurate."
"If you are looking for a well built, powerful and compact pre and power amplifier package with enough watts on tap to work with a wide variety of speakers, this dinky dynamic duo is well worth seeking out."