Head Box S

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Box Design Head Box S, Hi-Fi News, May 2009

Hi-Fi News, May 2009

Score: 'Outstanding Product'

Comments of Note:
(This review was conducted before the S-version of the Head Box model was released. The main differences are in the new aesthetic, and compliance with the new 1Watt standby ruling).
"Immediately noticeable is a comfortable, easy-going nature to the sound of this Head Box II."
"...the sound from the Head Box II is distinctly warmer with less brittle high frequencies [compared to the Harman Kardon HK990 amplifier's headphone port]."
"Treble detail is delightfully open and airy."
"Familiar high quality 'reference' recordings showed bags of detail as well, despite the Pro-Ject's subjetively smooth tonal balance."