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LehmannAudio, Hi-Fi World, July 2019

Hi-Fi World, May 2019

Score: 4/5 Globes 
  EXCELLENT - Extremely capable. 

Comments of Note:

"A smooth sounding phono stage that suits all MM and MC cartridges, with no noise. ."

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Lehmann BC Decade, Hi-Fi News, Apr 2010

HiFi News, April 2010

Feature: 'Group Test' of Phono Stages, £800-£1350
Score: Highly Commended

Comments of Note:
"...notably well-built."
"...there was a pleasing open quality to the presentation as if the music was being allowed to breathe a bit more."
"...admirably detailed. Its stereo imaging was impressive in terms of width and not without depth at the centre..."
"Switching over to the MM settings, ...the Lehmann (was) impressive as it clearly had no difficulty in bringing out a well-detailed and convincingly dynamic sound..."
"...there was an appealing sense of speed and snap that made you appreciate the precision, musicianship and swing of the brass players. The bass seemed to be tight and well-timed too..."
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Lehmann BC Decade, Hi-Fi World, June 2007

Hi-Fi World, June 2007

Reviewed by: David Price

Comments of Note:
"The audio stage boasts high quality electronics..."
"Properly fettled, the Black Cube proved a state-of-the-art £1,000 solid-state phono stage..."
"Bass was taut and tuneful, midband clear and spacious and treble sweet."
"Excellent solid - state phono stage with tremendous detailing and a silky sound."