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Lehmann Silver Cube, Hi-Fi News, July 2015

Hi-Fi News, July 2015

Score: 78%, 'Highly Commended'

Comments of Note:
“In terms of compatibility, the Silver Cube scores very highly.”
“Internally the Silver Cube is beautifully laid out in a true dual mono configuration – hence the duplicate gain and loading switches.”
“The Silver Cube’s build is, frankly, gorgeous. Machined from a single piece of aluminium, it bestows a solidity and sense of purpose”
“I listened to the silver Cube at both its lowest and highest gain settings using an Ortofon 2M Black MM cartridge and a Charisma Audio MC-2 MC. In both cases it was remarkable how consistent the Lehmann proved to be, offering up a sound that was beautifully clean and detailed throughout the frequency range.”
“…the Silver Cube seemed to have no preference for MC over MM. It handled both types with aplomb, allowing the true sonic character of the cartridge in question to shine through.”
“the Silver Cube has a remarkable purity to its performance.”
“…the Lehmann really does offer a sense of precision and insight that is usually the territory of even more expensive units.”
“instruments are beautifully defined and it was easy follow them in a complex mix.”
[Pink Floyd – The Endless River] “each performer occupied a well defined space between my loudspeakers. Gilad Atzmon’s tenor sax on ‘Anisina’ was absolutely glorious in terms of atmospheric detail, and blessed with a delightful brassy rasp.”
“Ol’ Blue Eyes’ performance from Sinatra At The sands was first-class in terms of depth, atmosphere and detail.”
"The Silver Cube is a fitting pinnacle to the Lehmann phono stage range, with a build quality that would embarrass some dearer designs. Sonically, it expands on the strengths of its cheaper brethren to offer a remarkably even-handed performance."

Lehmann SilverCube, Hi-Fi Critic, June 2007

Hi-Fi Critic, May/June 2007

Feature: Phono Stage 'Group Test'
Reviewed By: Alvin Gold

Comments of Note:
"Inside there is a single good quality, through-hole printed circuit board."
"The hardware gives good low noise performance and low THD distortion in the midband..."
"...negligible background noise and essentially zero audible hum."
"...this model suited overall to classical and acoustic musical genres, but it is an effective all never seemed discomforted by the recorded musical flow."
"...easy on the ear..."