2M Blue Plug and Play MK II

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Ortofon 2M Blue, Hi-Fi News, Feb 2008

Hi-Fi News, February 2008

Reviewed by: Andrew Harrison

Comments of Note:
"...the Ortofon worked fine from new and cold..."
"...well - focused and relatively neutral sound, tidy and tuneful."
"...not so obviously contoured in the mid-bass and treble, sounding...more focused around a level midband....could find low bass where needed."
"...given rock or jazz material...had a very impressive ability to sound balanced...allowing a performance to be listened into with ease."
"...will suit anyone after a more natural sound..."

Ortofon 2M Blue, Hi-Fi World, May 2007

Hi-Fi World, May 2007

Reviewed By: Noel Keywood
Rating: 5/5 Globes

Comments of Note:
"Exceptional insight and smoothness allied to fine tracking makes this a great buy for those seeking a modern sound"