Stream Box DSA

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Pro-Ject Stream Box DSA, Hi-Fi World, May 2014

Hi-Fi World, May 2014

Reviewed By: Martin Pipe
Rating: 4/5 Globes

Comments of Note:
“Radio stations are a real boon. Indeed, the DSA provides one of the best tuner implementations in practical terms I’ve seen.”
“for all its small size , the DSA is capable of giving bass lines and lower percussion the heft they need.”
“The DSA does however do full justice to high quality programmes, such as Radio 3’s 320kbps stream. Listen to one of that station’s evening concerts, and prepare to be wowed by the soundstaging and intricate portrayal of subtleties.”
“The potential of high-definition audio, specifically a 24/96 PCM rip of a mint Miles Davis LP stored on the Cowon USB device, was realised by the DSA. A Natural sense of scale and timing, impeccable detail and vitality brought the players into my listening room.”
“the DSA is a fine value-for-money network player and amplifier that I found easy to use, does it all (well, almost) and provides great entertainment.”