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Pro-Ject Elemental Phono USB, Audio Appraisal, Online Review

Audio Appraisal, Online Review

Comments of Note:
“The bearings are extremely solid, with no play or platter wobble.”

“Lower the stylus to a record, and it soon becomes apparent that the Elemental sounds like no other budget deck.”

“as the opening chords of Halestorm’s cover of ‘Gold Dust Woman’ began to play, I immediately exclaimed something to the effect of “oh yes!!!”… it really was that good”

“The bass lines were beautifully defined, the sound stage was spot on, and the highs had a certain snap to them. Despite a tendency to lean towards brightness, the sound never becomes fatiguing or brash – it just has a certain sparkle in the top end that makes even warn records a joy to hear.”

“Inner groove distortion, a problem that plagues many budget decks was notable here only by its absence. At no point on any LP I played did the distortion become prevalent, even discernible. The sound was clean, crisp and clear from start to finish.”

“Whether you’re taking your first step on the vinyl ladder, re-discovering your record collection, or simply want to transfer a few old 45s to your iPod, the Pro-Ject elemental is a great place to start. It’s simple to use and sounds better than it has any right to at the price. It’ll outlast any mass-produced plastic turntable. And, perhaps most importantly of all, it won’t ruin your record collection. Highly recommended.”

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Pro-Ject Elemental, What Hi-Fi?, April 2014

What Hi-Fi?, April 2014

Feature: First Tests - Turntable
Score: 5/5 Stars

"Those who want a good-quality record player at an entry-level price should start here."

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