Quintet Black S

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Ortofon Quintet Black S, Hi-Fi Choice, July 2017

Hi-Fi Choice, July 2017

Reviewed By: Ed Selley
Featured: Group Test: Moving Coil Cartridges £650 - £1000
Sound Quality: 5 Stars
Value For Money: 5 Stars
Build Quality: 4.5 Stars
Features: 4.5 Stars
Overall Score: 4.5 Stars, Recommended

Comments of Note:
“the Ortofon reveals itself to be a highly distinctive yet talented performer"
"The result is that it renders the piano in Hypocrite with huge power and a real sense of the weight and scale that the instrument is capable of."
"This is a very big and effortless-sounding cartridge."
"Vocals are given presence and detail, but without losing their relationship to the supporting musicians."
"The whole track feels very immediate and live, which is helped in no small part by the handling of dynamics. This is an area in particular that the Ortofon excels at."
"The sense of timing and rhythmic assurance is also extremely good"
"the Ortofon still has to be seen as superb value for money at the price"
"LIKE: Refined, powerful and agile presentation; solid build; excellent value"
"WE SAY: A superbly balanced all-round cartridge at an extremely competitive price point"


Ortofon Quintet Black, Hi-Fi World Awards, January 2015

Hi-Fi World Awards, January 2015

Best Cartridge 2014 Award

Comments of Note:
“the Quintet Black proved itself something of an audiophile bargain – with a decorum and an air of quality unusual at this price point.”
“On Tchaikovsky’s ‘1812 Overture’ the Ortofon was in its element. Violins had a satisfying rasp while the canon going off seemingly had enough impact to cause damage to the listening room.”
“The Ortofon Black undoubtedly posses the sonic class and all-round ability of some cartridges costing significantly more.”