Quintet Bronze

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Ortofon Quintet Bronze, Hi-Fi World, August 2014

Hi-Fi World, August 2014

Reviewed By: Tony Bolton
Rating: 4/5 Globes
Excellent - Extremely Capable

Comments of Note:
“The straight lines of the body and the good visibility around the stylus and cantilever made setting up the cartridge on my Linn lttok LVII very easy.”
“Rhythmically, it was very tight, with an ability to get into the swing of the beat that I found very engaging...”
“Stereo placement was good and I was able to pinpoint a performer accurately on a quite wide and reasonably deep soundstage.”
“I found the sound very focussed and felt almost as though I was present at a private performance...”
“Tonal colours were well displayed as the orchestra moved from solo instruments to the full ensemble, with a certain correctness about the pacing of the music that left me feeling that I had better understanding of Knappertbusch’s direction of the orchestra, and therefore of the music itself.”
“FOR: Smooth, well-mannered sound. Very forgiving of record condition. At its best with classical/folk. Excellent grasp of rhythms.”