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Pro-Ject DAC Box RS, Hi-Fi Choice, December 2015

Hi-Fi Choice, December 2015

Sound Quality: 4 Stars
Value For Money: 4.5 Stars
Build Quality: 5 Stars
Features: 5 Stars
Overall Score: 4.5 Stars, Recommended

Comments of Note:
"...it is the unquestioned winner in terms of inputs."
"The DAC Box RS manages to combine refinement and a sense of drive in a way that ensures that it doesn’t become overly bright or fatiguing while also not being soporific."
"There is a sense of proportion to the way that the DAC makes music – regardless of the scale of the recording – that makes it a very satisfying partner."
"The skills it demonstrates with soundstage and presentation coupled to the refinement and detail give the track real presence and enjoyment."
"...the extremely strong performance coupled with its impressively extensive specification and the added promise of upgradeability further down the line is enough to ensure that it more than holds its own"

Pro-Ject CD/DAC Box RS, Hi-Fi World, September 2015

Hi-Fi World, September 2015

Reviewed By: Martin Pipe
Rating: 4/5 Globes
EXCELLENT - Extremely Capable

Pro-Ject CD Box RS & DAC Box RS Systen Review

Comments of Note:
“Switching to valves, and the bassline is bestowed with an extra degree of smoothness and warmth. I found that these differences enable the combo to be ‘matched’ to different music and recordings. The Beatles’ ‘Sergeant Pepper’ and Black Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid’ albums, for example, were made that little bit more enjoyable when heard through valves.”

“My 24/96 FLAC ‘rip’ of Miles Davis’ ‘Kind of Blue’ was heard with a presence and depth that was hard to distinguish from the original Columbia vinyl LP.”

Playing DSD64 files: AUN J Classic Orchestra – ‘Hachi-nin no hibiki (Eight People’s sounds)’
“The subtle tonal characters of instruments here were individually conveyed with precision, insight and finely-etched detail. Yet these definable elements all also came together as a cohesive and beautiful musical whole.”

“Clever and versatile.”

“FOR: - Flexible in terms of connectivity, format support and settings. – detail, focus and natural balance”