USB Box S+

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Pro-Ject USB Box S+, Hi-Fi World, September 2014

Hi-Fi World, September 2014

Reviewed By: Jon Myles
Rating: 5/5 Globes
OUTSTANDING - Amongst the Best
Value - Keenly Priced

Comments of Note:
“the Pro-Ject immediately impressed me with its resolution of detail.”
“It’s tonally sweet yet has a bite and grip on the music that could shame more expensive rivals.”
“instruments are better separated while leading edges of notes become more detailed. Overall the sound is more spacious which shows the little Pro-Ject is well capable of handling high-res material.”
“it’s obvious the S+ isn’t short of low-end presence. The bass line rumbles along satisfying with real punch, yet retains its tonal variety.”
“the Pro-Ject retains an even-handed approach at all times which ensures treble is bright without veering into nastiness, while the mid-band is smooth and detailed.”
“the piano, vocals and instrumentation were all superbly presented by both options [filter options] – which goes to show just how capable the S+ is for the price.”
“The Pro-Ject USB Box S+ may be a small package but it produces a big detailed and rich sound.”
“An excellent USB DAC that punches well above its price point. Well worth trying for anyone looking to make the most of their computer music collection.”
“FOR – Smooth, detailed sound. Good bass. Compact form. Low price.”
“AGAINST – nothing at the price.”