Triode 25

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Unison Research Triode 25, Hi-Fi Pig, February 2017

Hi-Fi Pig, February 2017

Reviewed By: Dominic Marsh
Rating: 'Highly Recommended'

Comments of Note:
"Trust me when i say it took no effort at all to listen to this amplifier producing real music, bursting with tonality and dynamism in a truly effortless way."

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Unison Research Triode 25, Hi-Fi News, July 2015

Hi-Fi News, July 2015

Score: 82%

Comments of Note:
“It could present vocals in an almost caressing manner, so that on familiar tracks you could often find yourself being drawn almost unexpectedly into the meaning of the lyrics.”
“On the 2003 re-creation of ‘The Pink Panther Theme’ from Ultimate Mancini, the heavy bass sound of Abraham Laboriel had real shape and depth.”
“overall the Triode 25 brought life to what can often seem a rather dry recording.”
“This amplifier was capable of bringing tangible sounds up out if a convincingly black silence, which is certainly not the case with some value models!”
“the Triode 25 once again seemed able to breathe life into records that can sometimes seem rather thick and uninspiring.”
“As for soundstaging the Triode could certainly deliver an expansive, open picture with plenty of atmosphere.”
“Neat and stylish, the Triode 25 represents good value thanks to its inclusion of a more than satisfactory USB DAC. It gives a good deal of the enticing, tactile quality we hope for from tubes, without compromising too much on bass extension, and with commendably low noise.”

Unison Research Triode 25, What-Hi-Fi?, July 2014

What Hi-Fi?, July 2014

Rating: 5/5 Stars

“Yet another superb design from Unison Research. Great to use and even better to listen to.”

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