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Unison Research Unico Primo, Stereophile, June 2016

Stereophile, Online Review

Comments of Note:
“The sound was vivid, quick, and punchy. Off the mark, the Primo seemed to cast a bigger soundstage than my Shindo separates.”
“As the band lets fly in "Santy Anno," the Primo delivered their music with great speed, vivid colors, and spirited interplay.”
“The Primo charged hard 24/7, with enough dynamic gusto to compel music mightily, from orchestral crescendos to free-jazz ballyhoo.”
“The DeVore O/93s took a serious liking to the Primo, the trio creating low-end gravitas that seemed to come up from the floor, not down from the speakers. And when Blowhards Wilson and Miller played unison bass-drum assaults, the Primo directed the subsonic commotion with ample force and weight, if not equal resolution.”
“While riding its volume sweet spot, the Unico Primo consistently portrayed music with vibrant, vigorous textures—its excellent resolution and weighty if soft bass reproduction struck a good overall balance.”
“The Primo's strongest traits were its charged dynamics and spirited demeanor. The Primo flowed, and its somewhat dry, occasionally even cool character helped create very specific images with graphic leading edges.”
“As I listened to Frank Sinatra's In the Wee Small Hours (LP, Capitol W-581), the Primo's definition of the leading edges of the Kid from Hoboken's voice was excellent, its chestiness, smoothness, and gracefulness tinted with a subtle aridity. Foggy lower notes were offset by a touch of upper-frequency burr. The result was a fully fleshed-out Frank that sent shivers.”
“The Primo took great joy in knocking me around my listening space, casting a large and explicitly populated soundstage.”
“The Primo played this mellow music with sweet, rhythmic attentiveness, capturing the flowing largesse, tonal depth, and execution of Baker on trumpet as well as I've ever heard it.”
“The Primo wowed me with its ability to ally impact with resolution, and visceral dynamics with graceful detail and musicality.”

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Unison Research Unico Primo, Hi-Fi Choice, March 2009

Hi-Fi Choice, March 2009

Sound Quality: 5 Stars
Value For Money: 3 Stars
Build Quality: 5 Stars
Ease of Drive: 4 Stars
Overall Score: 5 Stars

Comments of Note:
“This is, by any standards (entry level or otherwise), a first-rate amplifier.”
“This is an amplifier with real grip”
“Another quality the amplifier brings to the table is an unusually fine bass. It’s rich but pure and unerringly tuneful, as well as being essentially free of the romantic haze that persists with some valve amps.”
The main qualities of the Unico Primo, then, are its generous output, its consistency with level, its tuneful bass and its ability to keep its act together when things become difficult and potentially messy”
“the Primo is an amplifier with a strong sense of detail and precision, the kind that sounds close even when the system is in an adjoining room.”
“In short, it’s a class act.”
“The Primo is also exceptionally well built.”
“This is an amp that lives up to its billing and works brilliantly with the Unico CDE. Build quality, extremely and internally – including the smooth-running controls and the twin sets of loudspeaker terminals – is excellent.”