2M Black

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Ortofon 2M, Hi-Fi Choice, October 2020

Hi-Fi Choice, September 2020

Comments of Note:
"Great do-it-all high-end MM cartridge"


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Ortofon 2M Black, Hi-Fi News, Yearbook 2011

Hi-Fi News, Yearbook 2011

Score: 'Outstanding Product'

Comments of Note:
"... the two best [cartridges in the 2m range] - the £280 2M Bronze with a Nude Fine Line stylus and this 2M Black model - are formed from a more rigid Noryl plastic/glass compound as well as employing better 'engines' featuring split pole pins with silver-plated copper wire."
"When set-up, the Ortofon 2M Black was immediately engaging, sounding powerful and vivid."
"But it was natural recordings of full orchestra that confirmed that the 2M Black is a stellar moving-magnet cartridge."
"The 2M Black delivers a holographic imagery worthy of the most sophisticated vinyl replay systems."

Ortofon 2M Black, What Hi-Fi?, April 2011

What Hi-Fi?, April 2011

Score: 5 Stars

"The most transparent and detailed stylus here...handles subtlety well, with vocals especially possessing supreme inflection and insight."

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