Grand Callas

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Opera Grand Callas, Hi-fi News, April 2016

Hi-Fi News, April 2016

Reviewed By: John Bamford
Score 82%

Comments of Note:
“…the 92litre Grand Callas II is not simply imposing but also immaculately finished.”
“Commensurate with its imposing stature the Grand Callas II serves up a massive soundstage with a rich, deep and visceral bass.”
“I found myself in my element listening to rock, electronic and large-scale orchestral works alike, the speaker proving adept at moving satisfyingly ‘grand’ chunks of air.”
“The bass end is deliciously tight, even and well extended.”
“A notable strength of the Grand Callas II is its fine overall tonal balance…”
“It sounds open and airy while high frequencies appear smooth and delicate, almost mellow.”
“Working my way through a variety of bass-heavy recordings bought appreciative grins all-round.”
“Needless to say the loudspeaker’s impressive sense of scale worked wonders with all manner of (sensitively balanced) electronic.”
“…for the money Opera Audio’s Grand Callas II is mighty grand. A pair spaced well apart creates a creditably holographic soundstage with an almost lifelike scale.”
“Music lovers wanting a ‘dream speaker’ without contemplating taking out a second mortgage should certainly put Opera Audio’s latest Grand callas high on their shortlist for auditioning.”
“…at £8500 it can be considered something of a rare hi-fi bargain – especially given the cabinet’s sumptuous and immaculate finish.”