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Opera Mezza, Hi-Fi World, September 2015

Hi-Fi World, September 2015

Reviewed By: Jon Myles
Rating: 5/5 Globes
OUTSTANDING - Amongst the Best

Comments of Note:
“the Mezzas simply ooze style”
“the Opera Mezzas sounded just as good as they look, I found. Unlike some other small standmounts, they are admirably smooth and accurate with no attempt to artificially boost the bass or treble.”

Playing: Sinead O’Connor – ‘Sean Nos Nua’
“It’s O’Connor’s phrasing that makes this album – and the Mezzas have the mid-range accuracy and timing to really bring this out. Backing instruments such as cymbals, piano, drums and accordion also had fine articulation.”

Playing: Massive Attack – ‘Mezzanine’
“the Mezzas had a decent amount of bass from their size; the pounding intro on Massive Attack’s ‘Angel’ was replayed with punch and power.”

Playing: Saint Etienne – ‘London Conversation’
“the Mezzas managed to keep the music racing along while losing none of the subtle electronic effects and keyboard samples floating behind Sarah Cracknell’s vocals.”
“They also image extremely well, pushing sounds beyond the edges of the cabinets and well into the room.”
“They are very well engineered, with a sound that very much complements the high standards reached by their Italian leather and veneer finish.”
“FOR: - Natural uncoloured sound - Good bass for it size - Looks – Detail”
“AGAINST: - Nothing at the price”

Opera Mezza, Hi-Fi Choice, May 2013

Hi-Fi Choice, May 2013

Sound Quality: 4.5 Stars
Value For Money: 5 Stars
Build Quality: 5 Stars
Ease Of Drive: 4 Stars
Overall Score: 5 Stars, Recommended

Comments of Note:
"This suave Italian standmount speaker has the sonic muscle to match that elegant appearance"
"LIKE: Smooth, refined yet lively sound; excellent build and colour range options"
"A very refined speaker that still manages to sound exciting when required"