MC A95

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Ortofon A95, Hi-Fi World, September 2015

Hi-Fi World, September 2015

Reviewed By: Noel Keywood
Rating: 5/5 Globes
OUTSTANDING - Amongst the Best

Comments of Note:
Playing: Mark Knopfler – ‘True Love Will Never Fade’
“His vocals were forward on the soundstage with every intonation made very specific.”
“The solid bass line behind this track was easy to follow and here – at low frequencies – the A95 showed it had grip and was fluid in its presentation.”

Playing: Kate Bush – ‘King of the Mountain’
“the strong reggae bass line strode along, underpinning the track, high cymbal crashes prang out at me and fine detail formed a rich tapestry within the sound.”
“The overall presentation was a cool, but accurate one.”

Playing: Carol Kenyon – ‘Dance With Me’
“A solo hand drum floated at left, its position perfectly outlined, Carol Kenyon’s delivery was clearer than I have ever heard it; the A95 puts focus into every image: it pulled Kenyon’s richly modulated vocal out of an-at-times dense mix.”

Playing: Marianne Thorsen – ‘Mozart’s Violin Concerto No4’
“… ‘Mozart’s Violin Concerto No4’ again highlighted the A95’s sense of massive analysis and control. Thorsen’s violin was rendered so clearly it fairly floated in front of the loudspeakers; isn’t it wonderful how vinyl images!”

“Dry, fast, extremely detailed and almost concussive, the A95 is a highly tuned mechanical statement.”

“Massively capable, the A95 is a cartridge that makes the LP sound better all-round than I have ever heard it. Almost frightening! It is sort of CD like in its qualities – only better.”


Ortofon MC A95, Hi-Fi World Awards 2015

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