Image of Unison Research


Unison Research Preludio, Hi-Fi Choice, May 2016

Hi-Fi World, May 2016

Reviewed by: Martin Pipe
Score: 4/5 Globes
EXCELLENT - Extremely Capable

Comments of Note:
“With its sculpted curves and cherrywood finish, here’s an amp that gives you that feel-good factor before the music plays.”
“the build quality of this 18kg unit is excellent.”
“the Preludio is joyously hassle-free for a valve amp.”
“There was a good sense of rhythm and timing and the richness of the brass was pleasantly conveyed.”
“Next up was the 2005 remaster of ‘Voyage of the Acolyte’, the 1975 solo debut album from Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett. The fast-paced ‘Ace of Wands’ piercing monosynth lead emerged from its instrumental backing, while Hackett’s guitars were bestowed with the filigree detailing they deserve.”
“And so to Joe Jackson’s ‘Steppin’ Out’. Its percussion backdrop sounded crisp and well-defined, and definition was such that the Hammond organ’s contribution –frequently buried in the mix – could clearly be heard.”
“Low output is offset by a rich timbral quality in this amplifier and it made the Preludio a joy to listen to.”