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Unison Research S6, The Burning Beard, July 2015

The Burning Beard, July 2015

Comments of Note:
Playing: Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland
“...straight out of the gates you can hear just how refined and balanced the S6 truly is.”
“Baring in mind there is only a simple phono stage between turntable and amp, tonally, the S6 feels as damn near perfectly balanced as you can possibly get.”
“this thing sings, no matter what genre you throw at it, and believe me I've tried... From Björk to ZZ Top, so far it's proven impossible to significantly catch this thing out. Even coping with the delicate melody of Beethoven's Piano Sinatra No. 14…”

Playing: Church Of Misery - Houses Of The Unholy
"The early 70's tone of trippy psych coupled with the fuzz heavy riffs really push the S6 to it's limits and goes to show what the machine is truly capable of delivering... and thats nothing short of staggering."
"I honestly can't find a significany fault with this amp. Right out of the box it goes above and beyond anything else I've ever had the joy to listen to. The fact that it's looks and elegance are unparalleled (at least in my mind) goes some way to wooing me over alone."

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