Image of Opera Loudspeakers


Opera Callas, Hi-Fi Choice, March 2018

Hi-Fi Choice, March 2018

Comments of Note:
"The Callas is as visually and sonically striking as its namesake."
"Judged by the technical thinking doing the rounds in the rest of the system, the Opera Callas is almost conventional – dare I say it, modern."

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Opera Callas, Hi-Fi News, June 2015

Hi-Fi News, June 2015

Score: 80%, 'Highly Commended'

Comments of Note:
"The new Opera Callas loudspeakers are beautifully crafted and based around high quality drive units. Their midband adjustment option is intelligently implemented and they have a sonic stature and rhythmical demeanour that belies their relatively compact dimensions. Through them, music is fun, addictive and enjoyable. Naturally, hailing from Italy, they are also a treat for the eyes."

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