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Pro-Ject Essential II Digital, Hi-Fi World, October 2015

Hi-Fi World, October 2015

Reviewed By: Noel Keywood
Rating: 5/5 Globes
OUTSTANDING - Amongst the Best
Value - Keenly Priced

Comments of Note:
“The Essential II Digital is – I think – Stunningly priced, costing just £309. I’m almost baffled by this because it actually has a lot of technology on-board…”
“Far from it, the budget Ortofon OM5E cartridge fitted tracked incredibly well under test, so there will be no groove damage from mis-tracking”
“The optical delivers 24/96 PCM, which is higher digital quality than CD.”
“You get turntable, cartridge, phono stage and digital convertor, which in separate units could easily cost double, or much more”
“There was absolutely no electrical hum or buzz even at full volume; the system was delightfully quiet, giving a very good impression in use.”
“Dropping the stylus into the groove to play Phil Collins I Don’t Care Any More, from a 180gm pressing of Hello I Must Be Going, to see how well the system handled Mr Collins hitting his drum kit gave me a nice surprise. The sound was big bodied, fluid and dynamic. It was larger chested than most budget turntables in fact, giving me a big expansive sound stage with plenty of apparent depth and real power in the drums.”
“the Digital sounded gorgeously analogue and wouldn’t disappoint anyone”
“I wondered whether this little unit was benefiting in a rare manner from having the phono stage – and a good one at that”
“The Digital sounded almost too good.”
“the ADC does a pretty good job – and that’s also what I heard with recordings to my MacBook Pro”
“The Pro-Ject Essential II Digital is quite an amazing package. It gave great results, having lush sound quality from its analogue output that I found thoroughly enjoyable and entirely in keeping with expectations from LP.”
“This Digital turntable from Pro-Ject isn’t an idea that will make anyone shudder – quite the reverse. It is one impressive player, whichever way you look at it.”

Pro-Ject Essential II Digital, Hi-Fi Choice, September 2015

Hi-Fi Choice, September 2015

Reviewed By: Neville Roberts
Sound Quality: 4.5 Stars
Value For Money: 5 Stars
Build Quality: 4.5 Stars
Features: 4 Stars
Overall Score: 4.5 Stars, Recommended

Comments of Note:
Playing: Handel’s Organ Concerto No. 1 in G minor by Adrian Boult conducting the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
“It’s really quite an impressive performance with great maturity and an excellent with great maturity and an excellent balance across the frequency spectrum.”
“The bass is well extended, yet tight and this is particularly evident in the organ passages.”
“The top end is clear and crisp, without sounding harsh.”
“The strings are rounded and flowing, but the brass is strident as it should be.”

Playing: Tchaikovsky’s Capricco Italien by Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.
“I feel that the Essential II Digital is in total control at all times.”
“I then try a number of vocal performances and there is no edgy sibilance, nor any feeling that the singer is standing too close to the microphone.”

“A recording of Thelma Houston’s To Know You Is To Love You is sparkling clear and open. The Pro-Ject delivers a perfectly balanced performance with the energetic enthusiasm of the singing combined with the laid-back orchestra”
“I must confess that I anticipate a slight degradation in sound quality due to the additional signal processing required, but in fact I can’t detect and discernible difference in quality compared with the line output.”
“The Pro-Ject Essential II Digital turntable punches well above its price point.”
“…this turntable is as ‘plug and play’ as you could ever hope for…”
“LIKE: Sound quality; easy set up; excellent value for money”

Pro-Ject Essential II Digital, What Hi-Fi?, September 2015

What Hi-Fi?, September 2015

Score:  4 Star

"It's well-organised and enthusiastic performance that rarely gets flustered, even with more demanding recordings."


Pro-Ject Essential Digital, Hi-Fi World Awards 2015

Hi-Fi World Awards, January 2015

Best Turntable 2015 Award