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Pro-Ject MaiA DS, Hi-Fi Pig, May 2016

Hi-Fi Pig, November 2015

Reviewed By: Dominic Marsh/Ian Ringstead
Rating: Outstanding Product

Comments of Note:
Dominic Marsh: "The MaiA DS will happily integrate into budget systems, middle ranking systems and not entirely out of place or embarrassed when rubbing shoulders with the esoteric either, so I will say nothing more other than a wholehearted endorsement from me.."

Dominic rated the MaiA DS so highly it was sent to Hifi Pig reviewer Ian Ringstead for a second opinion.

Ian Ringstead: "In my room and system the DS was excellent, so I urge anyone who is interested in trying one out to ask a dealer if they will loan you one on a trial basis."

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Pro-Ject MaiA DS, Hi-Fi World, April 2016

Hi-Fi World, April 2016

Reviewed By: Martin Pipe
Score: 4/5 Globes
Excellent - Extremely Capable<br/ >VALUE - Keenley Priced

Comments of Note:
“There was well-defined bass and plenty of body, certainly at listening levels that were comfortably-loud in a 12’ x 15’ room.”
“Stereo imaging was also excellent.”
“It’s waveringly musical, too; the MaiA DS ‘involves’ you in whatever genres happen to tickle your fancy.”
“The MaiA DS packs a heck of a lot of functionality into a small package for a bargain price. More importantly it also sounds good with an engaging, foot-tapping presentation.”
“FOR – enjoyable-musical sound – numerous features – expansion potential”