SH Headphone Amp

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Unison Research SH, Wired Magazine, January 2018

Wired Magazine, January 2018

Comments of Note:

"One for hardcore tube purists, but with a twist: although the Unison Research SH is a Single-Ended Class A all-valve design, it was a USB input for a feed from digital sources. This is asynchronous, compliant to USB 2.0 Audio Class, and accepts PCM up  to 384kHz and DSD up to 128x. That said, the SH is minimalist and can drive two sets of headphones. Tech spec aside, the sound is pleasingly warm and “analogue-y”. 8/10  

Unison Research SH, Hi-Fi World, August 2016

Hi-Fi World, August 2016

Reviewed By: Martin Pipe
Rating: 4/5 Globes
EXCELLENT - Extremely Capable

Comments of Note:
Playing: Garett Brennan - ‘Alta Powder Day’ (DSD64)
“Such simplicity makes for a very natural sound, to which the SH did full justice with an intricately-detailed and open, yet intimate presentation.”

Playing: Man – ‘Slow Motion’ (FLAC)
“There’s a lot going on in tracks like ‘Hard Way To Die’ and ‘Day And Night’ and these multiple musical layers were all definable. The guitars, deliciously warm bass, tight percussion and keyboards swirling beneath could be picked out and positioned, yet at the same time they gelled together as a whole.”

Playing: Kiasmos – ‘Thrown’
“Electronic percussion also fared well and the bells also forming a part of ‘Thrown’ were rich in timbre.”
“What this track revealed above all, though, was the SH’s ability to cope with what must rank among the meatiest basslines yet committed to record.”

Playing: Ligeti – ‘Kammerkonzert’
“…a complex work involving strings, woodwinds and keyboard instruments. This was delivered with the depth, texture and urgency it merited.”

Playing: Sibelius – ‘Second Symphony’
“…demonstrated the benefits of headphone listening – an expansive soundstage and balanced tonality, freed from the deleterious effects of room acoustics and speaker colouration.”

“…an engaging and musical experience…”
“…a great headphone listening experience.”
“FOR – musically-engaging – plenty of body and depth – two headphone outputs”